Bird Haven

Bird Haven is a small setup by a couple who are passionate about all species of birds and is designed to help and assist the general public with problems they may have with either their pet or aviary birds or with our own wild indigenous birds.

We are able to help with advice on problems such as health, hygiene, diet and also re-homing.

If we are unable to give the advice directly we will contact other members or professionals who will be able to help. It is our guarentee to deal with all problems with sympathy, dignity and respect.

We are reliant on donations from the general public and those we help and although our advice is always given freely, we have collection boxes and also a membership system which helps, in the unfortunate event that re-homing is necessary.

We also operate a non-rehoming sponsership scheme to which anyone can donate or sponsor a bird that cannot be re-homed.

For details please contact the secretary using the details provided on the contact us page.

I would like to thank all the people who have helped me with specific information concerning the relevant birds I have featured in my web site, and for all the good information that I have found on the web. Thankyou one and all.